They have had enough

of my shenanigans and have moved me to the jail ward.  Ha ha ha.  However, the guard at the desk was not thrilled with me standing outside his door taking a picture.

I am wrestling now with trying to take in enough fluids orally to keep my failing IV line capped and needing to go back on IV liquids to avoid fluid back-up in my peacefully resting colon.  They still say it might be Friday before it wakes up and wants to play.  Chances are, I’ll have to let them make a 4th attempt to get an IV line into me within the next 24 hours.

Marlo Archer


From earlier today (bear with me I am slow on the updates, I had 8 tons of rock delivered and I have been moving it instead of forwarding M’s posts)….

MMmm, breakfast

Yellow salty hot water – much better than brown – cranberry juice, and orange jell-o squares.  I may get solid foods later, depending on doc on floor.  Cox and his team are conservative, Vail and his team more aggressive.

Marlo Archer


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